Building a better future, one person at a time


This is the commitment YC GROUP makes to every person we work with.

YOU CAN build a better future.
YOU CAN make a positive impact.
YOU CAN contribute to your community socially, economically and civically.

Our Group delivers on this commitment by providing a continuum of direct services and programs which provide alternative education pathways, vocational training, work experience, disability support, transition to work, job-readiness and employment programs to individuals and communities.

Our Group also manage multiple social enterprise businesses which offer commercial products and services, while also delivering on our overarching vision. These enterprises ensure that YC GROUP is financially sustainable, and also facilitate work experience, training, and employment opportunities for those we work with.

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Good judgement


“I would have no hesitation on recommending students and or teachers to use the exceptional services that this organisation provides for work placement employment opportunities..”

Ian Judge, Entertainment teacher | St Peter’s Catholic College Tuggerah

““They actually really talk to you and listen, and engage with you like you’re an individual. The classes are a lot more interactive than most high schools and teachers take the time to help you understand. I’ve learnt more here in two years than I have before.”

Ellie-May | NGC graduate

“Hospitality and cooking is the best class to teach, because the students get really involved. It’s a great opportunity as they get to learn in a commercial kitchen and gain skills that will help them personally and professionally in the future.”

Sarah | Hospitality trainer

“YC Group has helped me gain so much experience through work placement to advance my career goals. It’s an excellent place with amazing people willing to give all students a chance to get experience to put towards their individual goals. They also help give young people encouragement on what they want to do after school, which I think is extraordinary.”

Helena Churchley | Terrigal High School student

“The staff and the services provided are excellent. If I have any concerns, they are addressed professionally and expediently. I know that if I did not have the help of your organisation, my role as a carer would be far more difficult.”

Parent of Abilities participant

“Thank you for teaching me and having patience with me, during the last few months. You have helped me have faith in myself and succeed at something.”

Chloe | Lake Macquarie Scouts Project


Our Strategic Plan 2017-19 outlines our key priorities for YC GROUP’s future. Our strategic pillars focus on the foundational stability, sustainability and growth of our organisation.

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We respect and acknowledge the Darkinjung people past and present on whose land we live and enjoy today. We cherish and nurture our youth with knowledge and wisdom through life’s future pathways.

YC Group is committed to an equal workplace. One that inspires authenticity at work for all our people - including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.