YC GROUP exists because of the expertise, passion and commitment of our community – from staff and volunteers, to valued partners and donors.

We are always seeking monetary and volunteer support so that we can continue to deliver fantastic outcomes for every person we work with, in a sustainable and meaningful way. Every dollar and every hour dedicated to our organisation has real-world, tangible impact on the lives of our clients.


Looking to volunteer your time and contribute to your community?

At YC GROUP, our diverse organisational focuses mean that you can apply your skills, expertise and time to a service or program you feel passionate about.

Whether it’s through our Youth Connections Abilities programs, the Links to Learning programs or simply helping keep our sites vibrant and well-maintained, we can cultivate a volunteering experience that has real impact and real value.

Want a volunteering experience that makes a genuine difference?


As an organisation working predominantly in the Not For Profit sector, sustainability is a key issue of importance for us.

We put a great deal of energy and expertise into ensuring our programs and services are financially viable and can deliver the greatest impact with the funding we have available.

But here’s the bottom line: the more we have, the more we can do. Every dollar we receive in donations means that we can impact more lives, more effectively.

Our diverse array of business units and services means that you can donate to whichever cause speaks most strongly to you. Maybe you prioritise vocational training and would like to provide tools for one of our aspiring apprentices. Or you may want to help a young person with a disability as they plan for their transition into the world of work.

Want to make a difference?


YC GROUP proudly partners with a diverse array of organisations across the education, training, employment, disability and social enterprise sector.

The principles of genuine collaboration, mutual benefit and social and economic inclusion are embedded in all our partnerships and allow us to achieve sustainable and meaningful outcomes for every person we work with.

Across our multiple services and business units, there are plentiful opportunities to partner with YC GROUP on community-focused projects, training courses and much more.

Think we would be a good fit for a partnership?