The Tiny Homes Foundation.


For many of us the thought of somewhere small, warm and cosy brings forth childhood memories of backyard cubby houses.

For many others, somewhere that’s warm with a roof overhead is only a dream.

On the Central Coast alone, roughly 2000 homeless people live without a roof over their heads.

The Tiny Homes Foundation is a not-for-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of people experiencing homelessness, by providing a safe and affordable housing solution. Their pilot program, situated in Gosford, is an Australian first.

On Wednesday the 7th of February, the Tiny Homes Foundation revealed the completion of the site in an open day, inviting all members of the community and surrounds to view the amazing work.

The “tiny” 14.4 square metre homes include a king single bed, a kitchenette, bathroom and living area, complete with a small veranda. All the things that an individual needs to live comfortably. The homes offer so much for someone who may have so little.

The tiny homes project began with the want to create something positive for those in need, while also ensuring the journey of constructing the homes provided opportunities for the community as well.

The foundation partnered with our very own training provider, The Skills Generator, to give participants of the Work for the Dole program the opportunity to construct the tiny homes.

Rod Tonks, who led the Skills Generator team in constructing the tiny homes, said over 50 Work for the Dole participants had a hand in the construction. Participants came from all different walks of life, from commercial fishermen to oil rigs workers. The thing that they had in common was the want to create something for an important cause.

The site itself, near Gosford hospital and opposite Gosford train station, presented its own challenges. Rod said the homes had to be mostly built offsite at the Skills Generators West Gosford location, and transported piece by piece to the tiny homes site.

Today the tiny homes stand tall and proud, brightly coloured and representing an exciting future.

The next step for the Tiny Homes Gosford site is for Pacific Link Housing and Coast Shelter to facilitate the tenants of the spaces.

We are so proud of our involvement with the Tiny Homes project. It is truly amazing what like-minded community members can achieve for a very important cause.


Head over to YC Group’s Facebook page to see more images of the Tiny Homes! 

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