At Youth Connections we hear many interesting stories from our program participants about their experiences in the ABILITIES program.

Matt and Lauren are two participants in our Skool’s Out after-school and holiday program, and the Transcendence gaming hub program.

Both Matt and Lauren love to tell the story of how they became involved with Youth Connections.

Matt has been a part of Youth Connections for many years. In Year 7 Matt found out about Youth Connections from an information stand held at Mingara.

Lauren went to the same school as Matt, and after being told all about the great things he gets to do at Youth Connections, she was convinced to join too.

Matt says he told Lauren all about after-school care and the creative stuff that he gets to do, as well as the fun outings. It didn’t take much after that to convince Lauren to come along.

One of the Youth Connections programs that both Matt and Lauren love is the Transendence gaming hub. Transendence involves participating in a gaming night with a big group of young people, developing social connections and having fun in a safe and supported environment.

For Matt Transcendence is a particular favourite of his.

“Transcendence is crazy fun. We are having a Pokemon tournament tonight”.

Lauren also loves Transcendence.

“I found out about Transcendence through my friend Matt. I like gaming because it keeps me entertained and I feel happy and excited when I conquer a game. I enjoy meeting new friends and trying out new games”.

Recently Matt and Lauren created a show for YC Media’s partnership with Coast FM. In the YC Media studio located at Green Central, Matt and Lauren showcased some of their favourite music while having fun and learning valuable skills.

Prior to his work placement with YC Media, Matt says he had no idea how to use the Adobe Software, but now he knows how to cut, edit and layer a recording to produce radio shows and multimedia content.

Both Lauren and Matt have developed their on-air personas and voices. Lauren said that she finds it a challenge to stay positive and energetic when recording he voice in times when she has felt the opposite, but she has enjoyed learning how to tailor her voice to speak clearly and slowly.

Matt said he thinks he sounds very different when he hears his voice on the radio compared to in person. Matt also commented that he has learnt to speak more clearly, calmly and with energy when doing voice overs.

“I’m working on speaking more deeply for voice overs” – Matt.

Matt and Lauren are only two examples of participants who have flourished in the ABILITIES program.

Listen to a sample of Lauren and Matt’s radio show below.




About Youth Connections:

Youth Connections is an experienced disability service provider for young people aged 12-25.

We provide after-school, in-school and post-school programs and NDIS-registered supports.

Everything that Youth Connections do is designed to develop independence, life skills, work-readiness and social networks.


About Transcendence:

Transcendence is a gaming hub created by Youth Connections in partnership with FundAbility.

It is hosted on Friday nights at Green Central and available for any young person with or without a disability.