YC Media appreciated the contribution from Terrigal High School this week. Apart from producing a radio show for Coast Fm 963 they had the opportunity to interview with the Commonwealth Bank Tuggerah Branch Manager, Nathan Mosley apprising the community of their $10,000 donation to NG Central School which has been occuring since 1917. Not only were they visiting Combank students worked alongside ING to market their volunteer work for what they call Impact Week; photographing through still shots the support given by the volunteers for the clean up Green Central who are led by Volunteering Manager Ross Liddle. Thank you to the ING staff members who gave their time and elbow grease helping maintain Green Central’s Ground. ¬†Taking on additions task India from Terrigal High edited a video on behalf of the Patonga Abilities Outing

This is a video from the Patonga Abilities Outing edited by student India Ronalds