Work placement can be a riveting experience when partnering with fellow creators. It is even more exciting when working with creative minds from other schools. This week Brisbane Water Secondary College partnered with Sydney’s Bradfield College to create two shows for Coast Fm 963. Brisbane Water radio hosts  Adam, EJ and Blake were having the pleasure of featuring successful artists of Alternative Rock; enlightening their audience with the apprising sounds of Lincoln Park, Fleetwood Mac and Fall Out Boy.  Sophia and Talia showcased new bands called Lithium and View Point providing interviews with individual band members.This was an opportunity to combine their skill to create a Community Service Announcement about the support that Headspace offers the Central Coast community. Here is an extract from the Headspace announcement featuring the combined skills of Blake from Brisbane Water Secondary College and Talia from Bradfield College.







Images and content from Brisbane Waters Secondary College & Bradfield College’s week at YC Media.